Bali: Richard Blair Photographs


Bali is a tiny island in Asia and is part of the country of Indonesia. It is a tropical paradise which has a vibrant culture of music, art and dance. I want you to see Bali's beauty and encourage you to visit because it is the most wonderful place I have ever been. The people are peaceful and kind and wildly creative. They need our support and we need their wisdom.

Thirty one years ago, I saw a performance of Balinese music and dance by Gamelan Sekar Jaya, at the Oakland Museum. I was amazed and wanted more - especially to photograph the dancers in my photo studio. I approached one of the musicians, Jim Hogan, and we arranged to photograph portraits for Sekar Jaya’s publicity - and for my portfolio. The music itself seemed like it came directly from heaven. I became a regular fixture at Sekar Jaya’s concerts, as well as their studio photographer, with great results. I was told that I quadrupled their audiences, but it is their talent and hard work to which they owe their success. Over time, I joined the board of directors for the group and went to Bali with them. It was great to see them in Bali because the locals loved that these Americans knew how to play their music. It led to a wonderful cross-cultural affirmation that goes on still today. The American group was co-ed and at that time women rarely played in Balinese orchestras. Inspired in part by Sekar Jaya, Balinese women started forming their own groups and playing the music.

In the spirit of cooperation that I saw both in Bali and within Sekar Jaya, I will give one half of the money from the sale of my Bali photographs back to the group, minus the printing and mailing expenses.

The Asian Art Museum mounted a great exhibition on Bali in 2011, with art, lectures, and performances. I am proud to have contributed 37 photographs to this show, one 20x20 feet!

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