Richard Blair Photography


Richard Blair has been in a photographic frenzy for most of his adult life. Born in New York City in 1948, he has been a professional photographer since 1967 when he moved to California. Natural and urban landscapes are his first love. He was park photographer for the National Park Service based in Yosemite Valley. He received an award  from the Secretary of the Interior for photography of a rescue of El Capitan. Blair photographs in all formats, from 35 to 8x10 size negatives. He works in both black and white and color, and exhibits his work through the medium of photographic books, which he designs, publishes, and prints. Here is a link to Blair Goodwin, our publishing company.

Richard Blair’s work is in the De Rosa Preserve in Napa, the Brooklyn Museum, the Peabody Museum at Yale, Kaiser Hospitals, the Packard Foundation, and as well as many private collections. Blair’s work has been exhibited at the Oakland Museum, the Bolinas Museum, and at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in SF, and recently at the SF Museum of Modern Art titled Dispatches From the Archives. Thirty seven of Blair’s images were shown at the Asian Art Museum, in San Francisco as part of the exhibit: Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance last year. Here is a link to Bali images.

His work has appeared in publications by the Sierra Club, the Trust for Public Lands. American Land Conservancy and Chronicle Books. Locally he has been featured in the Environmental Action Committee, CLAM, Point Reyes National Seashore, The Dance Palace, and Point Reyes Bird Observatory publications.  He has been photographing in West Marin for 35 years and has lived in West Marin since 1988. His books, Point Reyes Visions and Visions of Marin, were called “the definative visual history of the county” by the Pacific Sun editor in chief, Jason Walsh.

   California Trip, Goodwin and Blair’s next book, won the gold award for best regional publication for the west coast, from the Independent Publishers Book Awards. Please visit the publications menu to see our books and cards.

He and his partner and wife, Kathleen Goodwin, share a studio at 371 Drakes View Drive, Inverness Park. They welcome visitors to view their work. In addition they have a vacation rental called The Artists Retreat

which is a wonderful place to stay and enjoy Point Reyes National Seashore. Click here to see a complete description of the house.

Blair & Goodwin are starting the Environmental Eye Foundation to provide downloadable images for enviromental and conservation organizations for free! If you are in need of images please contact us.

Our old website has lots of information about Point Reyes National Seashore, and other interesting links and writing.  Photo of Richard by Marty Knapp


This site contains many folios of images. The major themes are street photographs in NYC and the Bay area, Yosemite Valley, where Richard was Park Photographer. Bali has been a long term photo project, and Marin landscapes is another.