Sekar Jaya History


I took these photo over many years for publicity for Sekar Jaya. My goal was to create exciting images for publication, not to document the group for its history, so my apologies if I missed you as part of a performance! All images are on film. If you can add any dates or venues.  I’ll add it to the picture information to the file. Please email me if you can provide info: ( with the number of the proof sheet so I’m not confused.

To blow up the proof sheets click download and you’ll have a larger copy on your computer.

I can make prints for you! I have to scan the negative, clean it up and then make a signed archival pigment print that should last for many years.

That is a bit of work so the prices are as follows.

Scanning $32

8x10 $30

11x14 $50

16x20 $85

Shipping is $4.99 Sales tax is 8.5% Generally you can use the photo for any publicity purpose, it’s fine with me.

All are copyright ©Richard Blair Photography


Richard Blair Proof Sheets